Rdio – Artist Program Explained by Global Head Of Marketing Marisol Segal

Earlier today Music Feeds reported on a new initiative by music streaming company Rdio titled Rdio Artist Program. The program looks to financially reward artists who interact with their fans and turn them into Rdio subscribers.

To take advantage of the project, artists simply need to create an Rdio profile and begin sharing their favourite tunes with fans via social networks. In return artists will receive $10US for each fan they turn onto Rdio. Although there are obvious benefits for Rdio in the increasingly competitive music streaming market, Rdio’s Global Head of Marketing Marisol Segal insists the Rdio Artist program was developed with the intention of helping artists financially support themselves.

MF: Why was the Artist Program created; what do you hope to offer artists who become part of the program?

Marisol Segal: This program was born for one simple reason – we want to support artists. Artists are the most important contributors to our business and we believe they deserve to be paid for their work. We developed this program to provide an additional transparent revenue stream directly to the artists.

MF: Which artists have joined and what activity are they expected to participate in?

MS: We have a great range already – from international superstars like Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg, The Scissor Sisters, A-Trak, Chromeo and New Zealand’s Ladyhawke, to emerging and indie artists like Australia’s Catcall and Horrorshow, to name a few.

In order for the artists to earn via referral, they simply listen to and share their favourite music across their social networks and various sites. Rdio was built with social music discovery at its core, so having artists share music elevates the discovery process among their fans who are eager to hear what their favourite artists like.

This program complements the licensing deals we already have in place with labels and distributors for access to music on the service, adding an additional direct revenue channel to artists and providing a new element of transparency around the streaming music model.

MF: What are the main benefits for any musicians/artists interested in finding out more?

MS: Artists already use Rdio to share their music and the music they love with their fans right on the service and through Twitter and Facebook. Now with the Artist Program , they’ll be rewarded with $10 USD for any new subscriber they attract to the service. Artists will also get access to a Dashboard where they can customise their Rdio artist page and view real-time stats on referrals.

MF: Do they have to be signed to a label deal to be eligible?

MS: No. This is open to all artists and any band with an existing Rdio Artist page can join.

MF: Are there plans to extend this offer out to other people who are considered ‘influencers’?

MS: This program is specifically about artists: aligning our focus on social music discovery with our fundamental belief that artists deserve to get paid for their work.

We have a responsibility to the artist community first and foremost, because as a digital music company, we have a responsibility to offer solutions that fortify, stabilise and grow the careers of the artists who give us their valuable work.

Our Influencer program really encompasses anyone who we think has a significant voice in culture, and anyone with a following that might want to hear their recommendations and favourites. They come from all areas: besides artists, there are writers, publications, brands, media, etc. They are people whose opinions are important and respected, but not necessarily people whose livelihood is directly affected by the success and growth of digital music services like Rdio.

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