Sleep Parade – Encompassing A lot of Emotion

Dan Teng, drummer for Sleep Parade took some time out to answer a few questions about their upcoming show at Club Blink on the 11th of March, how the new album is coming along and about his new project working in hip hop.

Music Feeds: What’s new for Sleep Parade?

Dan Teng: We are currently recording our second album in Melbourne with Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus). A number of the songs are nearly finished and we are very excited by the results. It is a change in direction for us and we are looking forward to people hearing them. The album should be finished in the coming months and apart from that we plan to tour a lot throughout this year.

MF: How would describe your sound to our readers?

DT: We gravitate towards the indie/alternative scene but with elements of progressive rock as well. Our first record was heavily influenced by electronic music but our tastes have since shifted to different styles. It is dynamic and exciting, encompassing a lot of emotion. The only rule is we have to make music that we like, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that we limit ourselves to one style or genre.

MF: How did the band come together?

DT: Leigh (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys) and I met at university a number of years ago and became friends. We both had similar tastes in music which led to jamming together, and then the decision to pursue being musicians as a livelihood. Matt (Bass, Backing Vocals) has been in the band now for about 1 ½ years.  He came in just about at the start of writing and demoing the new record. Red is our touring second guitarist/keyboard player/backing vocalist and is a phenomenal musician.

MF: What can we find band members doing when not playing in Sleep Parade?

DT: I have recently started doing session work and have been recording for a hip hop band called Justice and Kaos. Matt plays in another band called Rousemoff, and reads a lot. Leigh enjoys fishing and traveling. Red does work in production and engineering, as well as session work with other artists.

MF: What can we expect from the set at Club Blink on the 11th March?

DT: Basically it will be just four guys on stage having fun and being in the moment.  We play with a lot of energy, emotion and honesty. Expect to hear a lot of the new songs and a few old ones too.

MF: What’s the first song you’d put on a mix tape?

DT: That’s a tough one. Probably Pyramid Song or All I Need by Radiohead. Or anything by Sigur Ros.

Sleep Parade play Club Blink on March 11th with Meniscus, Ape BC and Aural Window.

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