Sound of Seasons – Only Just Getting Started

In this proverbial quagmire of a music scene where the mundane is expected, homogeny is praised if not rewarded, and punters’ desire to hunt for new sounds is quashed by the sheer weight of that challenge, few bands are able to carry the torch and separate themselves from the pack. Sound of Seasons have done this, in quite a remarkable fashion. Embracing their influences rather than hiding them, Sound of Seasons brings a modern vibe that will feel familiar, but is totally next level.

Music Feeds: What’s your name and what do you do in the band?

Marcus Bridge: Marcus Bridge, and I sing in Sound of Seasons.

MF: How long have you been playing together?

MB: We’ve been playing together as Sound of Seasons since November 2010.

MF: Who would you say your major influences are?

MB: We draw influences from bands such as Ivoryline, Anberlin and Pierce The Veil. Personally, I’m really into vocalists like Jonny Craig, Tyler Carter, Kellin Quinn and Ronnie Radke; all incredible singers!

MF: What were you all doing before Sound of Seasons?

MB: We have all been playing music religiously for quite some time and before Sound of Seasons were all in other bands. Collectively, there’s quite a bit of experience under our belts.

MF: You’ve spent some serious time on the road already, about to do it all again. What are the essential items you’re going to bring?

MB: Mi Goreng, my iPod, sunglasses, board shorts, a towel; all that essential summer stuff.

MF: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

MB: Before a show I warm up by doing vocal warm-ups and stretching. Dom (guitar) however, listens to Hannah Montana to get psyched.

MF: What’s been the best experience so far?

MB: Going on our first tour and promoting our first single. Getting a feel for what the future has in store for us and meeting a lot of great people.

MF: … And the worst?

MB: We’ve had someone just stroll into our rehearsal space uninvited, claiming to have strong ties with John Ibrahim, and then forcing us to play him a song. True or not, was scary stuff!

MF: Who would be your dream artist / band to collaborate on a song with?

MB: Personally, I would love to collaborate with Sleeping With Sirens or Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse.

MF: What’s out now / coming soon that we can listen to?

MB: Our first single, All Over Me is available on iTunes and we are set to release our second single, Sweet Decline November 2!

MF: Really dig the clip for All Over Me; want to tell us a bit about that?

MB: The clip portrays a man driven insane by his love for a girl, planning how he will tell her through the lyrics in the song. This clip (as well as the upcoming clip for Sweet Decline) was produced by our good friend Mia Champley & CHAMPS Productions.

MF: Sum up all that is Sound of Seasons in 2 words.

MB: Weird Chords

MF: When and where can we catch you next?

MB: We have shows lined up until the end of the year including our Sweet Decline Single Launch November 3, a show with These Kids Wear Crowns on the Sydney leg of their Australian tour, and then we head out on an East Coast tour NOV-DEC with our good friends Sienna Skies & Built On Secrets! All details available on our Facebook


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