Strum A Note Up In The Wires: Showcasing Underground Indie Music In Melbourne

How many times have we heard a song or watched a gig by a little known artist from our own backyard and thought “these guys should be sooo much more famous than they are!”. No one can deny the bundles of talent possessed by independent artists in Aussie. The quality of music coming from this country is definitely something to be proud of. I’m so excited to have been given the opportunity to write a blog about new and independent music, honing in on Melbourne, my hometown, a city with one of the best live music scenes in the country. But I will every now and then go beyond my back fence (I travel a lot!).
I confess my blog title is not original. It’s a line from the song ‘Bats’ by Paul Dempsey. Not technically unknown and indie, but the song is littered with Melbourne references, the title being one of them, and I just love the song, and so thought it apt.
My aim with this blog space is to showcase some of our best little-known homegrown artists and music, and review and share happenings and thoughts on gigs I head to in and around Melbourne (or wherever the road may take me!). My own taste is fairly mellow, although extremely broad and sometimes quirky, so expect to find some wacky and unusual finds in this blog.

Now to showcase the first artist on Strum a Note. I recently watched a gig at the Northcote Social Club which sent shivers down my spine, it was The Trouble With Templeton. I had the opportunity to have a little chat with humble singer/songwriter Thomas Calder after the gig, lovely guy. He delivered a brilliant and unique performance, just man and guitar. Thomas’ hometown is Brisbane, however I’m featuring The Trouble With Templeton for the simple fact that the gig was at the good old Northcote in Melbourne, and I can’t not mention how incredible his one hour set was.

Their debut album Bleeders was released just earlier this month, which you can listen to and purchase straight from the website: http://thetroublewithtempleton.com/album/bleeders

Listen: Bleeders by The Trouble With Templeton

If you know of any artist or band you think should be featured in Strum a Note, please do let me know! I’m always up for getting into new music, the aim here is to share the love.

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