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Carving out a niche for themselves in the already over crowded nostalgic rock and roll scene, The Money Smokers are good at two things: writing traditional rock and roll and making lazy journalists like myself look like the pointless cunts we are.

They’re playing Mum this week and about to launch an EP so we thought we’d send off some email questions to touch base with frontman Tristan Pullen about how they’re dealing with the excitement.

Music Feeds: So what’s been keeping you guys out of trouble recently?

Tristan Pullen: Not doing Q and A’s.

MF: The name The Money Burners, is that a reference to how much dough you end up sinking into the band?

TP: The Money Burners? Here I was thinking it was The Money Smokers, how preposterously indubitable on my behalf, thank you for clearing that one up Mikey ‘did you really just email us and get the band name wrong, how the fuck did that happen?’ Carr!

MF: So you guys obviously take a lot of inspiration from Rock and Roll, what is it about the genre that speaks to you so? Is it a case of trading in nostalgia because nothing else inspires you?

TP: I have only ever done what has come natural to me. That is to say, inspiration comes from everywhere, not just good time rock ’n’ roll bands. I guess the way you would describe The Money Smokers is a rock ‘n’ roll band, but it’s not just about that, you know? It’s really about the songs, the band and I just try and give the subject matter the best vehicle to be expressed in, stylistically we are looking back just as far as we are looking forward and I think being authentic and appropriate to who you are as a songwriter is important. The challenge of pushing myself and the band as musicians is what really speaks to me, writing good songs speaks to me, all music speaks to me – not just one genre.

MF: There are countless bands out there playing their own take on rock and roll and blues, what makes you guys different?

TP: We do weddings!

MF: You’ve got the EP out, tell us a bit about it? How did you record; where and with whom? How is it having it out amongst the people as opposed to couped up in the studio?

TP: The EP is out but yet to be launched, I think the launch will really finalise its first steps out into the world on its own. Then we can tour. We did it all ourselves at various places with some help from the lovely Alex Markwell and my soul brother Elliott Hammond, both very beautiful people and fantastic musicians to work with. It’s good to have some recording down and released cause it makes the band real you know?

MF: How does the EP compare to a live show? Is it a case of trying to recreate and capture the live show on record or is the EP a more concise beast compared to when you perform?

TP: The EP is slightly more polished than the live show; the live show has a bit more spontaneity to it, but on the EP there is that sense of a band just getting the vibe and playing their songs with no extras, there isn’t anything apart from a few overdubs that we don’t do live, you know? We have another EP written and we’re looking to explore those songs and push the sound further, and the studio is a good place to do that.

MF: Which would you say you prefer?

TP: I like both; they both have different energies and are satisfying in their own way. Both are challenging and both test out how good of a player you are.

MF: What should we be expecting from the live show?

TP: A room full of good people with not one set of folded arms.

MF: With today’s music industry as volatile and competitive as it is, do you guys have any strategies for achieving longevity and success?

TP: We have achieved neither longevity or success as this goes to print, but I would say keeping your head down and writing good songs, don’t expect anything to come to you and don’t come off as an amateur in Q and A’s. That might work.

MF: What are your goals with the band?

TP: Longevity and success.

MF: Are there any other local bands you take inspiration from?

TP: You Am I in terms of any song writing or sound, or things of that nature. Otherwise good local bands inspire you to keep you on your toes and push yourself further. A few good ones are The Delta Riggs and The Demon Parade, and check out Leroy Macqueen and the Gussets.

MF: What do you have coming up other than the Mum show?

TP: We’re doing our EP launch Sunday the 14th at the Vanguard, then playing Newtons Nation Festival on the 26th of November.

The Money Smokers play Mum @ Worldbar this Friday 19th November

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