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Ben Avitra Releases New Single ‘The River’

Perth-based singer-songwriter Ben Avitra has released his new single ‘The River’. The song tells deep and true stories with a mix of alternative pop and indie folk music.

Ben Avitra plays gentle guitar melodies in the song. As the song goes on, more instruments join in, building up a strong part that reflects Avitra’s emotional self journey.

Ben Avitra – ‘The River’

In the song ‘The River’, Ben Avitra talks about some tough times he had when he was a teenager and a friend who caused trouble. His friend started using drugs a lot, which made things hard for everyone.

Ben Avitra explained the story behind the single in a press release statement. “In my late teens, I had a good friend whom I cared for who ended up grappling with a heavy drug addiction. My friend and I would bear witness to her comedowns, and it only got worse over time.  At one point, she was throwing my personal belongings out of the house and it became pure mental and emotional abuse. It ultimately led me to having to leave the house in a hurry. There was nothing I could do or say, and we didn’t speak for years. This is a reflection on that time.”

The story behind ‘The River’ is sad and the song itself feels down-to-earth, and sincere as it flows smoothly from beginning to end. Even with tough times behind him, Ben Avitra’s music shows he’s strong and creative he is. Through his songs, he shares his feelings and reminds his fans how music can help heal wounds.

You can listen to ‘The River’ on all the music-steaming platforms via here.

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