Tim Fite

“My original deal came out of friends pestering me: ‘you should send this out to someone!’ And I said – – fuck you. But then I said, well, I’ll put three CD’s in the mail every month for 6 months. If nothing comes of it, ill never think about it again.”

Fortunately enough for Tim, his friends knew him better than he did himself (bless!) and he was quickly picked up by indie label, ‘Anti’. To his modest surprise this was followed by interest from Billions Bookings, who currently have organized for Tim to present himself not only the upcoming Laneway Festivals but also at sideshows across the nation’s East Coast. His music reflects his self; fun, sassy, and kind of like the naughty kid up the back of the class – you know, that one that always had something wise to say back and was just a little bit adorable! His lyrics, bittersweet, playful (and mainly concerning that ever insurmountable topic – girls) suggest an impish appeal that fits well with the yodeling catcalls of his scaling melodies.

False modesty certainly doesn’t keep him back.  Mr. Fite himself admits, “I’m the biggest success I know” – so he’s busting down the doors of the US and heading south for the summer to perform what he calls his “sonic pictures” for us.

“It’s an accident I’m a musician,” he admits. “I’m a illustrator more than a singer… but the first thing to sort of materialize out of school and coming into the city was wanting to draw really cool graphic covers. But then, I sort of needed a CD to put it on the cover of, hey!”

Now that’s a different story. An artist who released a CD to get published – not the whole ‘I’ve wanted to be a rock-star since I was seven’ kind of thing?! “I never really wanted to be famous,” Tim speaks truthfully.

“To be honest, I don’t really want to be now… success for me [is] if in some way without completely compromising my morals I could pay my rent and raise my family. That would be success in the grand scheme of things.”

Through a characteristic laughing bluntness, he admits that what sets him apart musically is his second lyrical concern after women – “poverty! It’s hard to be able to support a live band up there with you. I’m not exactly some dude strumming away though – it’s a multimedia experience. There’s a projection screen with backing and singing, I’ll be reading some of my short stories too.” Apparently though, the best thing about performing with technology onstage is the fact that “it’s hard for the drummer to fuck your girlfriend when there isn’t one!” Kids, take note – musical motivation is not global musical conquest. It’s mutual respect for each other’s relationships!

Down-to-earth and just a little bit cheeky, Tim Fite seems the ideal addition to the Laneway Festival lineup, which continues to pull some of the quirkiest and friendliest musical acts to be squished together on the same bill. But the jamming of different cultures isn’t a bad thing, Tim admits. “It’s kind of like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” he muses metaphorically.

“I want to make peanut butter. But, you know, there’s jelly to be made as well. Maybe one day I’ll get to the jelly myself – when I’m old and sensible and live between the hours of seven am and nine pm.”

Admittedly however, Tim is not planning on the most, well, geriatric of holidays whilst touring around town in the funky land down under. He admits that his show is “good clean family fun, as long as families can handle the ‘f’ word like seventeen times in a row,” and hopes to continue on in the grand tradition of his love of hip-hop shows by having “three naked dancers in the background… though I’d be lucky to get that!” he laughs with glee. He even promises “group participation activities to make sure all body parts work!” Hmmm. We’ll get back to you on that offer.

Whether you want to get funky to or get fresh with the fast-mouthed Mr. Fite, be sure to catch him at his upcoming Laneway tours or sideshows – they’re sure to present a night of pure, unadulterated, giggling mischievousness.

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