Tin Can Radio – Chase The Eternal Party


Tin Can Radio are all about chasing the eternal party. And when you’re young and in a rock band, it’s pretty much what it’s all about. With a new album Chase The Sun, Hold The Night and a massive tour planned, we caught up with bassist Jack to find out how it’s going on the road so far and why it’s fun to prank their singer Tom.

Music Feeds: What’s the latest in the Tin Can Radio camp?

Tin Can Radio: We just got back from Alice Springs.  I have to say it was way more ruckus that I had expected.  Turns out the desert folk love the dubstep and partying until sunrise.

MF: Tell us about the album Chase The Sun, Hold The Night?

TCR: It was written around that timeless concept of the eternal party. Always ‘chasing the sun’, the pursuit of the endless summer, great surf, beach side mangoes and cocktails with pretty ladies…but…once the sun has set, grabbing hold of everything the devils of the night have to offer.  The flow of the album really reflects that too.  It’s a real journey album, like they used to be.  The kind of thing you can put on, turn all the lights off, curl up with your lover, a glass of wine and big fat bifta and listen from start to finish while your mind drifts to outer reaches of the universe and comes home giggling like a 5 year old.

MF: How did you guys find the whole recording process?

TCR: Long, but fantastic.  We have been lucky enough to spend the last 12 months (not only on this album; with some earlier recordings as well) with an amazing producer.  Timeshare from Temple Street Studio in Brisbane is one of those guys that just gets music, particularly ours. It’s been unbelievable having a guy like him as your tour guide through the often treacherous terrain of album production.

MF: You’ve just kicked off a pretty lengthy tour to launch the record; how’s the shows going so far?

TCR: It’s nearly as long as it took to record the album.  The shows have been killer.  Sold out shows in Perth, jam-packed, rowdy revelers in Alice Springs…Sydney has a lot to live up to, I have no doubt you can manage it though.

MF: What’s the band’s favourite pastime to whittle away the hours on the road?

TCR: Pranks on Tom (singer).  It’s just so easy.  In Alice, we filled his bed with branches while he slept, then lifted him, and his mattress, off the top bunk he was sleeping on and out the door into the garden. Man, I don’t know how that guy can sleep like that, but you gotta give credit where it’s due.

MF: What can readers expect from your set at MUM on the 15th?

TCR: One of the tightest, most diverse sets they’ve ever seen.  Everything from shoegaze-glitch-electro to indie dance, round the corner to drum and bass, with a double backflip to dubstep just for shits and giggles.  It’s a pretty frantic set, accompanied by over-the-top stage antics.  You’ll love it.

Tin Can Radio play MUM @ World Bar on the 15th alongside Young Revelry and Royston Vasie

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