Tracksuit – “Suits So Fine They Make Sinatra Look Like A Hobo”

Tracksuit are a three-piece from Perth whose latest single Beat Up The Radio is a catchy, punchy rock tune with plenty of soul. Last year they released their debut EP Where Have all the Good Times Gone? but don’t let the title fool you, these lads bring plenty of cheery, joyful tunes whereever they go.

Why did you go with the band name ‘Tracksuit’? You guys seem too well dressed…

In all fairness, you do see some good looking tracksuits around. What you could even do is design a tracksuit with a suit and tie in the design and then you could wear it with a top hat. For the hardcore classy Tracksuit dressers…you could even put on some 50s dance shoes, grab a cane and carry around a boom box blasting Frank Sinatra.

What inspired the theme to your latest single Beat Up Radio?

It came from hearing radio presenters and record label people telling songwriters a million reasons why they won’t play their songs. Basically, they want songs that scientists could have written. Then when I listen to the radio most of time, it’s absolute rubbish, so the song is about flicking through radio stations and not finding anything listenable and then putting on Motown records instead.

Why is Rock ‘n’ Roll and Soul your favourite kind of music?

Because it’s good. A lot of music nowadays is just awful. There’s so much amazing music coming out, but you have to do some searching! I love folk, country, punk, classical, jazz, blues, psychedelic and a bunch of weird stuff as well, but Beat Up Radio has that soul drum intro, so I thought I would pay tribute to it lyrically in the song.

How fun was it to bash radios with a cricket bat in your new clip?

It was awesome!!! Plus I got to ride around on that amazing bike for about 6 hours beforehand. So it was riding then smashing up radios…not a bad day out!

Is everyone in the band jealous of your guitarist Steve Hensby’s hair and mutton chops? (I hope I’m talking about the correct band member).

Good question! We will have to do an ask-around. We are a fairly hairy band, so I think any of us could pull it off, but maybe it’s more cool to know that you could do the hair/mutton chops if you wanted to, but not do it.

You’ve supported so many quality acts; who had the best rider?

Definitely British India!!! I saw it and my jaw hit the floor, and I didn’t see how between 4 of them they could drink that much every night, but they did! Good times, great band and great people.

Now that you’re doing a headlining tour, what will you demand in your rider?

Whatever we can get…and lots of tea.

How messy was triple j’s One Night Stand afterparty in Collie?

Lots of little parties ended up in one massive party! It was a great night and really awesome for the WA music scene.

Your 2011 EP is titled Where Have all the Good Times Gone (as I’m sure you’re already aware). Have you found them since?

Yeah, definitely! Lots of great shows with good bands and some tours along the way. That title was a tip of the hat to The Kinks.

What can we expect next from Tracksuit?

Touring… We are always constantly writing and playing new songs live, we just need to save up more money for more recordings. We are releasing more singles throughout 2012 and Beat Up Radio has had a bunch of plays on Rage, so hopefully that keeps going well. We just love playing music and I feel privileged that I get to play music with my best chums and travel around playing shows.

Will you forgive me for coming up with such lame questions?

Yes of course, and in all fairness they were great questions!!

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