We Got Lime Cordiale Bros Oli & Louis Leimbach To Interview Each Other & Here’s What Happened

Sometimes here at Music Feeds, we just can’t interview every artist we’d like to. So on this occasion, out of equal parts necessity and curiosity, we enlisted them to do our job for us.

This past week Sydney brothers in groove – and, you know, actual brothers – Lime Cordiale unveiled their second studio album ’14 Steps To A Better You’ – its title a cheeky parody of self-help books and its songs embodying various “lessons” on how to be your best self. Most of all though, it’s a rollicking good time.

In celebration of the release, we thought we’d see what would happen if we let the Leimbach brothers go ham interviewing each other.

Check out the results below.

Louis interviews Oli

Louis: What’s your outlook on the lockdown. You think the governments doing a good job?

Oli: I just want to be in the same position as NZ. It sucks seeing them putting on stadium shows whilst we’re doing small sit down concerts (not that I’m not enjoying the weirdness of these small shows). Going into lockdown again is the last thing I want to do, but I think attacking it earlier rather than later is the better thing to do.

Louis: So you live with 8 people. So how much would you say you contribute to the overall household. Doing dishes? Taking the bins out etc.?

Oli: It’s easy to get stressed out domestically. With 8 people in the house, you just don’t know who left those dishes in the sink. Was it you? I’m not scared of the slimy compost so I’m happy disposing of that in the worm farm, compost bin or chucking it in the chicken pen. I should probably pick the vacuum cleaner up a bit more often. Sorry.

Louis: When the band’s career ends or fizzles outs what’s you plan for future or if music was never an option, what do you think you’d be doing? I reckon a dodgy car salesman with that mo.

Oli: I don’t really have a backup plan. Fuck. Do you think I’d be good at selling cars? I’d love to be composing classical music. Film music anyway. But after all this energy we’ve put into the band, if it suddenly folded, I reckon I’d just go on Centrelink and live in the country. I’d probably collect shit from council clean-up and try to sell it.

Louis: What do you do to keep healthy? I know you go in and out of meditation, yoga, not having too many chippies etc. But what’s the latest your latest fad to keeping the head and the bod feeling fresh.

Oli: Chippies will make you feel good AND bad in a short period of time. It’s very often worth it. Might get some after I finish writing. Yoga and surfing is the way forward for me. Makes my head and bod feel fucking fwesh!

Louis: What do you do to wind down, relax, switch off?

Oli: Probably hang with you. That’s pretty sad, hey? We spend way too much time together and then on the days off we just do the same thing. Well with our new little run-around boat, I love spending it floating around on the water!

Louis: Did you brush your teeth this morning? If so, who’s toothpaste did you take? Was it mine? I fucking reckon it was. Admit it

Oli: Not yet, but I try and get the weirdest tasting hippie toothpaste that I can get. I reckon you’ve got mine you bastard!

Louis: There’s 5 of us in the band. Who’s your favourite?

Oli: I just have to say James because I’ve known him the longest. Also because Nick and Felix are practically the same person so I can’t choose out of them. James has just stuck with us for a long time! I’m gonna go with James. Lock him in.

Louis: Where’s your favourite Australian holiday destination and why?

Oli: I’ve been loving the south coast of NSW recently. We haven’t been able to travel too far due to Coolvid and you suddenly realise there’s so much shit we haven’t seen on our own doorstep! I love going to Tasmania. People just walk slowly down there because no one’s in a rush. I love it.

Louis: Will you take care me when I’m old and grey?

Oli: You’re going to be a snappy old man but yes, I don’t think I have a choice. Hopefully, I age worse than you do so you can take care of me.

Louis: I couldn’t grow a mo to save my life. Any tips?

Oli: You can grow a mo. You can grow the same amount of hair on your upper lip as I could when I first started with it. Just embrace the wisp.

Oli interviews Louis

Oli: So people often rave about your fantastic hair. Questions often pop up on social media asking “how does the blonde singer get his hair like that?” How do you, Louis? How do you?

Louis: Do they? I’ve never seen that message. Well, you cut it a lot of the time so you’re really the whizz kid. Mostly salt, sand and seaweed would be the secret I guess. Smelly boy.

Oli: Are you a dog person? Because you often say that you’re not. But now we have a new room-mate with a doggy and you seem pretty attached.

Louis: Growing up with either a cat or a dog definitely makes you favour either one or the other doesn’t it. I celebrated the feline for so long and I feel like we are the minority so it’s hard to admit that I’m crossing over. So I’d still say now that I’m definitely not a dog person and I just like one particular dog but I’d be lying.

Oli: What is it you like about California?

Louis: Oh it’s got to be the food. I’ve always thought that Australia has such a great range of food and that we do it so well until I went to California. Especially the vegan food. And especially authentic Mexican food. It’s so far beyond everywhere else and so available. I spend most of my days driving across the city looking for weird and wonderful eats. I love how the cold ocean backs onto the canyons north of Malibu and its abundance of marine life. I remember seeing a whale pop up about 5 metres from me, seeing a dolphin annoying a seal trying to sunbake, then almost taking out a turtle while surfing a wave. All in about 20 minutes.

Oli: What was your favourite show on the last European tour?

Louis: I don’t think there was a bad show. They were all weird and wonderful in their own ways. Lost and wondering the empty halls of a 600+ castle whilst everyone had gone to bed. Playing in many underground war bunkers in Germany and the Berlin clubs. Ireland and the Irish. The hospitality riders everywhere and the insanely beautiful Switzerland. Makes you cry.

Oli: What bass tone do you like to record with? And why do you always palm mute?

Louis: I love the real thud. Something that a hollowbody provides. I’ve never owned a good hollowbody bass so my answer is to crank the treble and palm mute that shit with some good flat wound strings.

Oli: What would you rather eat? A chicken egg… or my shit?

Louis: Well, it’s shit or shit then isn’t it?

Oli: When are you going to get your boat license?

Louis: Before you hopefully. I’ve done the study. How much study have you done? But yes, really need to get it done soon. Been going illegally for too long.

Oli: What’s your favourite song on the album OUT JULY 10?!

Louis: Nice album push! ‘Can’t take all the Blame’. I love the phone call at the end. The song has a little place in my heart too. Stings a bit.

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