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Jon Hopkins | Credit: Imogene Barron

Jon Hopkins Announces New Album RITUAL

English Musician Jon Hopkins has announced his new album titled ‘Ritual’ will be released on August 30th via Domino

Talking about ‘RITUAL’, Jon Hopkins said:  “I have no idea what I’m doing when I’m composing. I donʼt know where it is coming from, and I don’t know where it’s going, nor does it seem to matter. I just know when it is finished. 

He further said. “So all I can really do is feel my way to the end, then try and retrospectively analyze what might be going on, and try and figure out what its purpose is. What is clear is that this one has the structure of a Ritual. I know what that Ritual is for me, but it will be something different for you. It feels important not to be prescriptive about what this Ritual actually is.”

Jon Hopkins – RITUAL ( evocation)

Jon Hopkins also shared the inner meaning and process of the song. “It feels like a tool, maybe even a machine, for opening portals within your inner world, for unlocking things that are hidden and buried. Things that are held in place by the tension in your body. It doesnʼt feel like an albumʼ therefore – more a process to go through, something that works on you. At the same time, it feels like it tells a story. Maybe it’s the story of a process I am going through and one that we are all going through. Maybe it also the story of creation, destruction, and transcendence. Maybe it is the story of the archetypal heroʼs journey – the journey of forgetting and remembering.”

He concluded by saying. “Ultimately though, all I have to say about it is said by the sound.”

Tracklist Of The Album RITUAL :

  • Part VIII – Nothing is Lost
  • Part VI – Solar Goddess Return
  • Part II – Palace / Illusion
  • Part V – Evocation
  • Part I – Altar
  • Part III – Transcend / Lament
  • Part VII – Dissolution
  • Part IV – The Veil

You can pre-order the digital album ” RITUAL” from here.

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