Wynter Gordon – Heating Up Creamfields

With the end of Summer happening as we speak Wynter Gordon is back in Australia to heat things up with the Creamfields Festival happening later this month.

The 25 year old Queens native is ready to release her first album this year – With the Music I Die – fans of the electro pop scene (I’m looking at you Mardi Gra Participants) will be salivating for the long play which will have the lead single Dirty Talk – a single which has now gone three times platinum.

Before Creamfields kicks off in Oz (April 22 in Adelaide, FYI tickets are selling out fast with the last release for all cities now on sale) Wynter Gordon had time to answer a couple of questions from Yours Truly and Music Feeds.

Music Feeds: For those of us in Australia who aren’t familiar with Wynter Gordon how would you describe your music?

Wynter Gordon: My music is simply from the heart of a soul that works hard, loves harder, and loves God!

MF: What’s the name of your upcoming album?

WG: With The Music I Die...

MF: What’s the most outrageous or inaccurate description you’ve heard of your music?

WG: I’ve kind of shut myself off from the blogs a bit because they can be pretty harsh and I want to define who I am and not defend it.

MF: Can you remember hearing a particular song which heralded a defining moment in your career?

WG: Jennifer Lopez’ Love?– I wrote that song at a tough time in my life and to see her express it so well and with so much emotion was amazing.

MF: Would you say music is your girlfriend or boyfriend?

WG: My music is my soul mate!

MF: Are you frustrated when you suspect a reviewer hasn’t listened to your music?

WG: No- I know that at some point they will listen and become a ‘Believer’!! (pun intended)

MF: Who’s your main emotional support? who’s your creative muse? or are they one and the same?

WG: My emotional support are my friends and family. My muse is my experiences in love, loss, and love again.

MF: How was the Mardi Gras 2011 experience? Amazing!!

WG: The experience and the energy was incredible.

MF: Do you have a set play list? What song do you perform most frequently?

WG: I always perform Dirty Talk and then the other songs vary- I’m also beginning to perform til Death a lot

MF: Do you think your music is party music? and would you dance on a table to your own sound?

WG: Some of my music is party music. I’d dance on anything at anyplace to my music!

MF: You’re back for the Creamfileds tour happening in April – are you excited, and how does Australia stack up as an international tour destination?

WG: I’m very excited! Australia is amazing and I really appreciate the people of Australia embracing my music.

MF: Who’re you excited to see play on the Creamfileds line up?

WG: I’m excited to see everyone on the line up. I love what Skrillex, Deadmau5, Martin Solveig, and everyone else is doing.

Creamfields is touring Australia Nationally from April 22

Friday April 22nd

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide – Planet Cream

Saturday April 23rd

Claremont Showgrounds, Perth – Buy Tickets

Monday April 25th

Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne (Public Holiday Monday/Tuesday) – Buy tickets

Tues April 26th

AIS Arena, Canberra – Warehouse

Saturday April 30th

Showring & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – Buy tickets

Sunday May 1st

RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (Public Holiday Eve) – Buy Tickets

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