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Kim Gordon Releases New Album ‘The Collective’ With A Music Video For ‘Psychedelic Orgasm’

American musician Kim Gordon dropped her highly anticipated second solo album, “The Collective,” via Matador / Remote Control Records. The release is accompanied by a music video for the track ‘Psychedelic Orgasm,’ directed by Kim Gordon and musician, filmmaker, and producer Vice Cooler.

The music video is set in Los Angeles, and features rapid cuts and surreal imagery, including upside-down scenes of desiccated pumpkins, giant inflatables, and shopping mall escalators, perfectly mirroring the vibe of ‘Psychedelic Orgasm.’

Kim Gordon – ‘Psychedelic Orgasm’

‘Psychedelic Orgasm’ joins previously released singles and videos ‘I’m A Man’ and ‘BYE BYE,’ both starring Coco Gordon Moore.

“The Collective” marks Gordon’s return after her 2019 debut “No Home Record” and sees her collaborating once again with producer Justin Raisen, known for his work with artists like Lil Yachty, John Cale, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The album also features additional production from Anthony Paul Lopez.

Kim Gordon’s signature style shines through in “The Collective,” with her intuitive word collages and hooky mantras exploring communication, commercialism, and sensory overload themes. The album’s sound is a fusion of Raisen’s damaged, blown-out dub and trap constructions, providing a perfect backdrop for Gordon’s thought-provoking lyrics.

It is recorded in Gordon’s hometown of Los Angeles, “The Collective” promises to captivate listeners with its experimental soundscapes and introspective lyrics. The album invites audiences to delve deep into Gordon’s artistic world, where boundaries are blurred, and creativity knows no limits.

Fans can now stream or download Kim Gordon’s latest album, “The Collective,” available on all major platforms.

Kim Gordon – The Collective


2. The Candy House

3. I Don’t Miss My Mind

4. I’m a Man

5. Trophies

6. It’s Dark Inside

7. Psychedelic Orgasm

8. Tree House

9. Shelf Warmer

10. The Believers

11. Dream Dollar

Stream the album via here

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