Zeahorse – Shotguns and Berocca tablets

Zeahorse have been a Music Feed’s fave for quite some time. Their music is everything you want from indie rock n’ roll. A big wall of guitars and punk ethic with a psychedelic edge. Releasing their debut mini album earlier in the year, we described it as “like going on a drug trip”. The band are about to co-headline MUM World Bar on July 16th so we thought it was time to have a quick chat to the guys.

MF: The mini album is now out. What’s the difference between a mini album and a EP?

Z: Well, it is basically just a long playing EP. We would have called it an EP but its too long. What a conundrum! Tis too long to be called an EP and too short to be called an album (well by most people’s standards anyhow, not ours though, we love short albums). So I guess mini album has to do; it’s a bit of a cop out really. Dam!  In hind sight what we should have done was release it as two EP’s. Haha! And made twice as much money;  we would most definitely be bazillionares by now! With pet chimps! Now that’s more like it!

MF: Interesting cover art, how that did come about?

Z: Shotguns and Berocca tablets hidden in chips! Haha! Just kidding. We could never harm any animals; we love all creatures! (except politicians, I could easily feed them Beroccas hidden in chips whilst shooting them with a shotgun). The photos were taken by Morgan’s brother Lachlan. He is a really talented artist, and we just really loved those two pictures. May as well put something you like on the cover of your mini album.

MF: How difficult was it to capture the band’s famed live sound onto disc?

Z: Well, that was really our first attempt as a four piece; we did okay given the budget we had, which was comparable to…..well nothing really.  Put it this way, we totally fluked it!  Did it all live in three days, old school! But we are a long way off recording the ideal sound that we want.

MF: Earlier this year you got to play with Them Crooked Vultures in Brisbane: did you get a chance to meet Josh, Dave or John?

Z: Yep Yep and Yep; all complete gentlemen; very polite and well spoken and had heaps of beer in their rider. Have you met a zeppelin? Because we have! Haha! Just kidding. It was a terrifying and humbling experience for us young lads.

MF: The Sydney music scene is rich with so many great bands currently: what do you think has helped shape our scene?

Z: Well the bands themselves really. We are always sharing gear and drugs(jokes! haha!), giving each other pats on the back, watching each other’s sets because no one else other than band members bothered to come to the gig. Other than the people like you at Music Feeds and some dedicated bookers and managers etc, no one else really cares until you start playing terrible pop music all funded by some industry giant that gets the tick of approval from national radio stations . Good Sydney bands co exist because we enjoy playing music together.

MF: You guys are about to play MUM at World Bar with The Laurels: why should we head out to the gig?

Z: Because there are heaps of really great original bands playing that night! I would definitely be going if I wasn’t already playing there.

MF: You’ve played a few shows with The Laurels: what is it about them that you enjoy playing with them?

Z: They are one of our favourite bands, period! They just layer so much blissful sound together. They are heavy, yet light. They are unique in the Sydney scene that’s for sure. I have never met anybody who didn’t love them after hearing them. And they have lots of effects pedals!

MF: What can we find the members of Zeahorse doing when not playing music?

Z: Well, Max teaches guitar, he is pretty much a guitar wizard; Morgan studies music business and sells booze (not to kids); Julian sells groovy threads and just doesn’t stop playing drums; and Ben just finished a uni degree and is really rude to his coffee customers.

MF: What would be the first song you’d put on a mix tape?

Z: Dam tough question! Hmm, maybe Come in Alone by My Bloody Valentine or Mixamatosis by Radiohead

Zeahorse play Mum @ Worldbar this Friday 16th July
for more details click here

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