David Hasselhoff


Watch: David Hasselhoff Just Joined Peking Duk

If you thought Peking Duk hit the celebrity endorsement jackpot when they got Karl Stefanovic to star in their Stereosonic hype video last year, strap yourself in because it looks like the duo may have just one-upped themselves. Soz Karl. Yep that’s right, Peking Duk have recruited none other than David Hasselhoff, THE HOFF HIMSELF, […]


The Coachella 2015 Honour Roll

It’s all over, folks. Two jam-packed weekends of Coachella madness have come to a close, and whether you were kicking it in the California desert or chilling out and watching things unfold at home via the festival live-stream, Coachella 2015 sure did provide us with a bunch of memorable moments. With the festival packing up, […]


David Hasselhoff Is Everyone’s Dad On Drugs At Coachella

Seemingly all of the world’s hottest stars and celebs turned out at Coachella 2015, from Kendall and Kylie Jenner, to Rihanna and the always babin’ Carmen Electra. David Hasselhoff, alas, was not one of them. Oh, he was there. But the Hoff’s attempt at blending in with the valley crowd was akin to your dad […]

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