Laneway 2014 Sideshows

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Savages – Metro Theatre, Sydney 05/02/14

Jehnny Beth, frontwoman of London-based post-punk group Savages, is a marionette. She moves from her shoulders, her arms swooping around her torso, and her weighted wrists rise in quick, sharp motions as though pulled by a string. Yet Beth isn’t controlled by anyone else. She’s moved by sound, the physicality of each passing moment, and […]

Gig Reviews

Youth Lagoon – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 30/01/14

It’s always difficult to imagine a bedroom artist bringing their creation to life on the live stage. However, Youth Lagoon had no problem at the Oxford Art Factory taking shelter in the comfort of a small stage which he used to exert his mythical soundscapes upon the crowd. Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers is a […]


Cashmere Cat Announces Laneway Festival 2014 Sideshows

Norwegian producer, DJ, and all-round lateral thinker Cashmere Cat has generated a considerable amount of buzz between his 2012 debut EP, Mirror Maru, his remix of Miguel’s Do You, and his acclaimed DJ appearances. He’s now announced two Laneway Festival 2014 sideshows. Cashmere Cat recently announced the release of his new Wedding Bells EP via […]

Gig Reviews

Kurt Vile & The Violators – Paradiso @ Town Hall, Sydney 22/01/14

“This is my favourite continent,” Kurt Vile said as he took to the stage on Wednesday night. And he’s proving it with just under a month in the country under his belt, playing Sydney Festival dates this month with his band The Violators and then Laneway simply as ‘Kurt Vile’. A converted Town Hall, rebranded […]

Gig Reviews

Jagwar Ma – Metro Theatre, Sydney 17/01/14

For a band with only one album to their name, Jagwar Ma are loaded with good tunes. It’s an opinion backed by former Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher, who said last year that Howlin, the debut album from the Australian duo, could defeat the imperial forces. For the duration of their set, the entire room pulsed […]

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