Meek Mill


Justin Bieber Lured By Cute Dog, Served Lawsuit Papers

Dogs. Is there anything they can’t do? No. No there is not. In another victory for dogkind everywhere, a pooch has had a leading role in serving serial pest to humanity Justin Bieber lawsuit papers, with lawyer Scott Russo utilising the offer of some sweet puppy pats to trick the popstar. TMZ reports that the […]


Instagrammer’s Life’s Work Is Catching Rappers With Fake Watches What do Rick Ross, Future, Soulja Boy, and Sean Kingston all have in common? If you answered, ‘They’re all famous and successful rappers’, you’d be right. But you’d also be right if you’d said that everyone one of them, despite all their success, has been caught out by the FakeWatchBusta. Even with millions in […]


18-Year-Old Rapper Allegedly Murdered Following Dispute Over Video Game

Last week, it was reported that 18-year-old US rapper Lil Snupe, a protege of Meek Mill, had been shot and killed in Louisiana, and now police reports suggest that the young musician was killed due to bad blood stirred up from a video game session. We’ve all heard of rage quitting before, and it’s not […]

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