Zane Lowe


Zane Lowe Is Leaving The BBC To Join Apple

Tastemaking BBC radio host and DJ Zane Lowe has been recruited by technology giant Apple, to reportedly work on the company’s iTunes Radio music streaming service. The New Zealand-born Lowe will leave the BBC next month. According to The Guardian, Lowe’s time at Apple will involve working on iTunes Radio, which is still only available […]


Watch Part 3 Of Kanye West’s Zane Lowe Interview

The third part of Zane Lowe’s fascinating hour long interview with the world’s self-proclaimed “number one rockstar on the planet”, Kanye West, has now made its way online. In this video, the third of four, Kanye discusses why fashion critics frustrate him, the ultimate vision behind his music and what home life is like with […]


Watch Part 2 Of Kanye West’s BBC Radio 1 Interview

Part two of Kanye West’s 60-minute long interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe has now surfaced online, and sees the rapper delve into topics such as classism and his creative aspirations. Much like the first part of the interview, part two is rife with headline-worthy soundbites, and although West makes some profound statements, it’s […]

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