Alter Bridge, Steel Panther, Enmore Theatre – 28/02/2012

In what was effectively an (unlikely) double headliner show, Steel Panther and Alter Bridge gave two interestingly contrasting performances. One was fun and exciting, the other a little tired, lame and derivative. No surprises for guessing who the former was.

Steel Panther have been at it for around 20 years, and despite all the silliness, they are consummate professionals and highly talented musicians and witty comedians. Performing songs like Tomorrow Night featuring lyrics like “the security and pussy will both be tight” may appear silly or juvenile at first glance, but a deeper look reveals it’s all just a very clever parody of all the famous LA bands like Poison, Warrant, Motley Cure, et al.

Blasting onto the stage and launching into the ball-tearing Supersonic Sex Machine, Steel Panther gave a very slick performance, backed up by some hilarious jokes/routines. The biggest sing-along for the night was reserved for Community Property as almost everyone sang “My heart belongs to you / My love is pure and true / But my cock is community property.” Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) was another audience sing-along, especially a group of, shall we say, ‘larger’ girls who were absolutely screaming along. And the beautiful Weenie Ride brought out the lighters/phones. The Bon Jovi-esqe Party All Day (Fuck All Night) thundered along, galloping into the ripping 17 Girls In A Row, before Steel Panther shot their musical load with the set closer Death To All But Metal.

Alter Bridge took the stage half an hour later, and the Enmore was a little roomier as Steel Panther fans had elected to leave (some would say wisely so). During their performance, there was a small but steady trickle of punters departing, most likely Steel Panther fans sticking around to see what Alter Bridge had to offer. What they offered was in many parts weak and generic, much like their former band Creed. But when you play dumbed-down radio-friendly rock, it appeals to the lowest common denominator – most times a sure-fire method. Alter Bridge easily managed to tick all the right boxes with some scorching solos, moody riffing and, of course, the clean angst-ridden vocals the ladies like so much. And the delivery was great, just a shame not all the songs don’t stand up very well.

Alter Bridge weren’t absolute rubbish, but they did reveal a chasm between them and Steel Panther. They certainly weren’t the ideal pair of bands for the evening. Steel Panther gave a powerhouse performance, while Alter Bridge attempted to do the same. But most importantly, the fans had a great time, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Steel Panther

Supersonic Sex Machine

Tomorrow Night

Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)

Asian Hooker

Just Like Tiger Woods

Community Property

Guitar Solo

It Won’t Suck Itself

Weenie Ride

Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

17 Girls In A Row

Death To All But Metal

Alter Bridge

Slip to the Void

Find the Real

Ghost of Days Gone By

Come to Life

Brand New Start

White Knuckles



Watch Over You (Acoustic)

Ties That Bind

Open Your Eyes



Dueling Guitar Solos – Mark and Myles

Rise Today

Must Read