Image for Biffy Clyro, Metro Theatre – 20th May, 2010

Biffy Clyro, Metro Theatre – 20th May, 2010

Written by Jason Strange on May 24, 2010

A short tour from Scotland’s Biffy Clyro meant The Metro was full to the brim with fans who have waited a while to see the band play. Having grown a reputation off the back of solid releases, the three piece hit the stage and launched themselves at breakneck speed, packing as many songs from their catalogue into the shortest possible time. Barely pausing to let the audience gain breath, the guys worked songs from last year’s Only Revolutions and old gems like ‘Machines’ and ‘Eradicate The Doubt’.

Showing off the power of their music, which has transformed over the years from post screamo hardcore to the melodic heavy riff assault that has seen them peak in popularity, there is no doubting their abilities. Yet, for some reason I wasn’t blown away like I was expecting to be. While I can’t fault their performance, it just felt like watching a band going through the motions. Maybe playing three shows in three nights in Australia wasn’t a smart move for a band who flew ten thousand miles to get out here. Maybe the constant touring over the last few years is starting to take the gloss off the band’s energy. But it felt like it lacked impact. It may just be a case where true fans of the band were appreciating it more than casual observers like myself, but tonight I was underwhelmed.

While I can see why Biffy Clyro have a huge following, but live they didn’t quite stand up.

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