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Bluejuice w/ The Holidays, The Metro – 1/4/2010

With their album nearing release, The Holidays have opted to head out on the road with Bluejuice on their ‘Ain’t Telling The Truth’ tour. The Holidays have the pop sensibilities of Weezer and the quirky style of Vampire Weekend. Very percussion based, with that indie/art rock sound. They played a good, enthusiastic set that mellowed the crowd out before the frenzy that is Bluejuice.

Coming on stage dressed in Karate robes, the band signified that the next 90 minutes was going to be a fight. The kind of fight you’re happy to be a apart of. Suffering from poor, distorted sound didn’t stop the band rip through a great mix of songs from their first record Problems and last years brilliant Head Of The Hawk. The middle of the set saw the band play a few new numbers that style wise blended their hip hop fused rock with more focus on harmonies.

The energy of the band on stage cannot be understated. Vocalists Jake and Slav jumped and danced around the stage. Jake, being the more adventurous, climbed into the crowd and scaled the speaker stacks while he wasn’t prancing around the stage like a mixture of Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. Ending the set with hits ‘Broken Leg’ and ‘Ain’t Telling The Truth’, once again Bluejuice proved themselves as a great entertaining live band.

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