The Jungle Giants @ Come Together 2015 / Pic Annette Geneva

Come Together Day 2 – Luna Park, Sydney 7/06/15

It’s a little bit weird hearing thousands of people sing “I only have sex with myself” at the top of their lungs. Though I reckon the kids from Ball Park Music are fairly used to it by now. With his slim fit trousers, pale shirt and chunky glasses frontman Sam Cormack may look like a nerd, but don’t be fooled, this man is every inch the rock star.

The dance floor is a frenzy of flailing sweaty limbs. It’s been a very long weekend for the day two Come Together crowd, but they’re giving it everything they’ve got left. While it’s certainly a different vibe to yesterday’s hip-hop heavy scene, there’s plenty of repeat offenders. Many of who are ripe and ready to cut loose with reckless abandon, safe in the knowledge of a public holiday lurking around the corner.

It’s been a steady build up to Ball Park who power through up-tempo dance floor winners Fence Sitter, Next Life Already and Literally Baby into their slightly mellower hits Surrender, It’s Nice To Be Alive and Coming Down. Cormack spares no energy on idle chitchat, instead throwing everything into to the dance moves with some impressive hip swivelling teamed with the occasional thrust or two.

Their cover of Vampire Weekend’s Diane Young is dangerously good. Clearly feeling the love, they keep with the friendship theme for Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You followed by a brief nod to The Rembrandt’s I’ll Be There For You before wrapping up the night with Trippin’ The Light Fantastic. Fantastic is definitely the word.

While the day may have begun at a slower pace, with Montaigne and Elizabeth Rose nailing the lazy Sunday tone, SAFIA quickly took things to the next-level. Fresh off the back of their European tour these guys were in fine form. You Are The One and Tear It Down demanded some serious shape cutting, as did their Like A Version of alt-J’s Left Hand Free. Counting Sheep, Take Me Over and Paranoia rounded off an incredibly tight set.

Whether it was all the Vodka Red Bulls or the Fairy Floss sugar high kicking in, energy levels were borderline ridiculous for The Jungle Giants. Their glossy surf-rock pop and super catchy riffs inspired everything from sing-alongs to spirit fingers. Mr Polite, Domesticated Man and I Am What You Want Me To Be were clear crowd favourites. Led by the effortlessly cool Sam Hale, these guys have some serious stage presence and sure know how to have a good time. Turns out they’re also not afraid to get a little heavy handed with the smoke machine, which combined with some serious strobe lighting created a suitably epic festival atmosphere.

All in all day two of Come Together Festival 2015 was an absolute winner. With a choice selection of incredibly talented Australian performers on show in one of the city’s most picturesque locations, there really wasn’t much room to improve.


Gallery – Come Together Day 2, Luna Park Sydney / Pics Annette Geneva

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