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Custard, The Standard – 23/09/2011

It’s taken 12 years for it to happen – not that many thought it would, but Custard returned to Sydney for the newest addition to the live venue listing; The Standard, upstairs at Kinselas. Support tonight was from Newtown-based The Little Lovers. After a slow start, they had everyone’s attention with their increasingly infectious poppy rock – big thanks to those responsible for awarding them the support slot. Great to see a bit of variation in their sound with swampy Drones-like rock raising its head a few times – add these guys to your playlist now.

Custard wandered onto the stage with little fanfare (as expected) and launched into one of Sydney’s biggest comebacks, even bigger than the mythical Jesus rising form the dead (zombie, anyone?). Kicking off the night with Goofinder, Pack Your Suitcases, and Alone, set the tone for a truly special evening with our very own 90s heroes. Custard remind us of the heady days when Regurgitator, Screamfeeder and Powderfinger were all surfing the non-grunge tidal wave of Aussie rock and playing festivals all over the country.

There was no belittling their performance whatsoever; Custard were almost (untypically) professional with the likes of Lucky Star, Anatomically Correct, and fan favourite Music Is Crap – of course Dave McCormack’s charming and witty stage banter was a highlight, we all wanted to buy him a drink and hang out. Everyone was singing, dancing, and in high spirits – especially with the almighty triumvirate of Apartment, (I Feel Like Ringo), and Hit Song. With all in attendance already giddy on an all-natural high, Custard squared us in their sights and fired off Singlette, and the stunning The New Matthew and a rather scorching Nice Bird – causing more than a few weak knees amongst the ladies in attendance.

It was time for Custard to wrap it up and they did it all so well with Pinball Lez, the epic Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us) and what else but Caboolture Speed Lab. Of course everyone expected an encore and Custard were clearly more than happy to comply with the blistering one-two of Bedford and Pluto.

This was more than simple nostalgia, but exhilaration refuelled as Custard powerfully demonstrated why they are still one of the top acts in the country; no one quite rocks like Custard. Tonight not only paid homage to their legacy and influence, but re-affirmed it – Custard are, in their own quirky and talented way, an astounding force to be reckoned with.

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