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RÜFÜS – The Forum, Melbourne 23/10/15

There are few phenomenon’s in the Australian music scene less frustrating then that of the Triple J unearthed success story. For the truly committed, die-hard fans of the almost unheard of bands, this competition is a constant internal struggle of seeing some of the best undiscovered talent in the country be exposed to the incredible platform they deserve, and the jealousy-laced torment that comes with knowing those acts you really love, that are YOURS, are about to become everyone else’s. Knowing that no one really cares that you knew them before they were big. That you’ve been with them since the beginning. The divine pain of seeing talented, hard working artists get exactly what they deserve.

Enter Rufus. Another triple j unearthed treasure, whose swell began in little known Sydney clubs and sounds shared on the speakers from streaming sites in Melbourne garages. The same swell that brought the bands smash hit album Atlas to the festival circuit, North America and dare I say it, Nova100. The swell who saw last night’s sold out live show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre land somewhere between mysteriously cool, pre-Atlas anonymity and the verge of complete and total post-Atlas superstardom.

Fresh off the release of their latest single from their up and coming new album, the Aussie trio Tyrone, Jon and James delivered the product of months holed up in Berlin, listening to inspiration from Booka Shade, frequenting the German dance music scene and putting together their best live show to date.

The crowd, ranging from barely legal, fluro-clad tween to bearded v-dub driving backpacker warmed up with supports from Yuma X and Cassian before being treated to a main at that sounded equally incredible as it looked. Rufus produced a set that was so visually stunning, with a laser and light show so perfectly suited to the deep layers of their sound it was as if the music itself was coloured.

We opened with the electric blue favourite Sundream, an immediate impression made on the crowd that answered the boys on stage with hands in the air, people on shoulders and flying water bottles. Rufus channeled the energy of their biggest festival shows into the comparatively small Melbourne theatre, and it was hot, and sweaty, and sick. From there, they didn’t let up.

From the turquoise melody of You Were Right or the angular, magenta of new single Like An Animal, the sound was tight and the vocals simple and spot on. There wasn’t a lot of talk from the boys, but when there was it was nothing but love for the “Melbourne crowd” and the “live show they’ve been waiting for.”

In a night that felt only too short, they wrapped with fan fave Desert Night, dripping in silver and gold lights and proving exactly why they are one of the most exciting dance music acts to come out of Australia and triple j unearthed, perhaps ever.

Without doubt their next tour circuit will include festival headlines and music bowls, so if you get a chance to catch them at any of their shows this time around do it. You’ll get in just in time to be able to say you saw them before they were huge. Like, just.

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