Vallis Alps – Melbourne, Shebeen 07/08/15

Vallis Alps had a lot to live up to last night. Coming off the high of their incredible EP, their smashing Splendour In The Grass set and headlining their first tour, Melbourne’s little Shebeen bar bandroom was jam packed with fans there to prove that they knew them before they were cool, because you know, they’re indie AF. And everything about this gig was indie AF.

From the security guards who didn’t know the band’s name, to the bar that wouldn’t serve water because it wouldn’t be coming from the designated water station. From the cute little tiered seating at the back of the room, to the filler songs like Low Rider or the dude in the crowd eating chicken wings. This gig was indie AF.

And it didn’t stop at the venue or the crowd. The combo of smoke machine, floor tom and strategically placed fern creating that inner city jungle vibe. When the lights went down the “acoustronic” duo crept on to the stage as if scared of the attention. Parissa in particular delivered none of the occasional witty banter promised in their triple j Unearthed interview, but managed the odd whispered “thank you.” But what she did deliver were the killer, dreamy vocals she is becoming known for, sounding at times not unlike Florence Welch, Birdy or Lizzy Plapinger. As an instrument, Parissa was on point.

Bringing us to the true star of the show in David, not sure if man or Octopus, the one man band even Dick Van Dyke couldn’t touch. From the beautifully mesmerising crowd pleaser Young, to the throbbing, bassy build in Thru, watching David do his thing was nothing short of hypnotising.

A truly special moment came in the form of their Bon Iver cover, Blood Bank, with Parissa’s lovely, airy vocals offsetting David’s insane drum beat in a performance that, if recorded, I’m sure would catapult Vallis Alps to the next level. Something the indie AF crowd of last night maybe wouldn’t appreciate, but with an act this perfect, unique and special we’re just going to have to accept it’s bound to happen.

Gallery: Vallis Alps, Fortunes – Melbourne, Shebeen 07/08/15 / Photos: Nikki Williams

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