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Vallis Alps Share New Single, ‘Start Again’

Vallis Alps have shared the latest cut from their upcoming album Cleave. It’s called ‘Start Again’, and sees the duo of Parissa Tosif and David Ansari contemplate anxiety and self-worth – listen below.

“’Start Again’ is about self-worth and the cycle of anxiety, inadequacy and confidence – emotions we’ve strongly felt while making this album,” the duo shared in a statement. “Thinking about it, it’s pretty funny that such a fun and light song has sad undertones. But I guess that’s one of the things we want to draw attention to – the inevitability and humanness of not feeling self-worth and the attempt to always rebuild that in ourselves.” 

Vallis Alps: ‘Start Again’

We’ve heard numerous singles from the duo’s upcoming and long-awaited debut album Cleave, which is due to be released on Thursday, 24th August. ‘Higher Than This’, ‘On The Eve Of The Rush’, ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’, and ‘You & I’ have all been released over the last few months.

“Our album emerges from a process that was long, at times toilsome and beautifully vulnerable,” Tosif and Ansari said of Cleave. “These songs were a tool for us to go deeper into the challenges in our friendship, big life changes, relationships with those around us and cycles of thought we had never really explored.”

“It represents an evolution for us on a personal and sonic level, learning to deal with a new level of complexity as we learnt about detachment outsourcing, and sticking to our strengths – far from the initial years of Vallis where we tried to do everything ourselves.”

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