Issue #15

In This Issue: Belles Will Ring, The Music, Bloodhound Gang, Super Florence Jam, Dan Deacon, Beaches, Lamb of God, Ben Lee, Yves Klein Blue

Hello and Welcome. If this is your first time reading Music Feeds, and especially if it isn’tallow me to apologise for anything offensive, twisted perverted on just wrong with the mag, Art Director Pep “The Laoation Sensation” Sayabath’s on holiday, like a cunt. and I left the proofs at your mum’s house andshe wrote all kinds of filthy shit, and besides, she’s your mother.

Anyway apologies aside, great to have you on board, or to see you again figuratively of course, I can feel you’re going to be asset here at the company.

Speaking of the company let’s chat business for a sec. If you get bored skip this (I’m surprised you’re still reading), but if not read on. Also come down to The Abercrombie for a free sausage sizzle from 6 onwards. $10 Jugs Of Coopers, $3 Champagne. Shameless self-promotion done.

Music Feeds was founded on the principle that most street press nowadays are driven by profit, and that a lot of bands have to pay for advertising before even getting mentioned. We figured that was about as cool as trimming your bikini line with a cheese grater so we threw this mag together.

Run on a mixture of Coopers, Red Bull, rasta joints and a crude thirst to drink the blood of douchebag industry hacks and shitty musos/promoters taking space and money from those who deserve it, we’re a fortnightly dose of well intentioned bollocks that hopefully introduces you to some cool shit along the way.

Unfortunately you need money to print a magazine. Hence the ads. We also put on shows and party nights around Sydney with all profits going back into the mag and putting on more shows. But we do run ads (like we said we wouldn’t), and we’re sorry the next 24 pages can’t be filled with more radness.

We believe in reinvesting into the scene instead of just taking from it, but we need to take before we can give, so if you could help out by picking up the mag, and visiting the website, that’d be rad, I’ll even give you a back rub if you ask me, nothing suss.

We still give free support to rad local artists, we still support budding writers and photographers and if you want to get involved just email

Anyway that enough bullshit, what’s going on this issue? Well we got psychedelic/folk four piece Belles Will Ring in chatting about their new mini LP, while Thomas Mitchell gets accosted by Bloodhound Gang bassist Evil Jarrod Hasselhoff at the zoo as well as getting to the bottom of Baltimore Future Shock founder and feline fan Dan Deacon’s chaotic mind.

Our resident ornithologist Anna May camps out to catch a glimpse of prog rock powerhouse and Birds Robe Collective favourites superFLORENCEjam, while Amelia Schmidt gets a hold of The Music, David Young chats to Ben Lee, Michael Jago checks out Melbourne’s Beaches, and James Parker catches up with the cougar lovin’ pop muffins The Inheritors.

We also have our photo essay coverage of All Tomorrow’s Parties, an interview with the girls from Duke magazine, local hip hop duo True VibeNation, we have a profile on street artist Ankle, plus interviews with Yves Klein Blue, Lamb Of God and much much more.

We’d love to hear from you, random thoughts, complaints, places we should insert various objects or parts of our anatomies, so hit up

Remember I love you all and my birthday is in September.


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