Issue #16

In This Issue: The Dolly Rocker Movement, A Silver Moon Uprising, Gary Numan, Sister Jane, Easy Star All Stars, Sherlock’s Daughter, Laneway

(If you think I’m a twat, and don’t want to read me ranting about how sick I am, skip the first paragraph, but the second and third are definitely worth reading.)

Well wouldn’t you know it I’m fucking sick. Remember how you used to look forward to getting sick as a kid, stay home from school, mum looking after you watching TV and playing video games all day. Now remember how much it sucks when you live out of home. I do. And it sucks, but whatever let’s get on with this bullshit editor’s letter that you can all not read again.

Despite my sickness and overwhelming pessimism there have been a few rays of light that have penetrated the wall of phlegm and despair I’ve been imprisoned behind these last few days, predominantly Dark Was The Night.

Release locally by Remote Control, it’s a double disc compilation of original songs to benefit AIDS victims or research I’m not too sure. Featuring artists such as Antony Hegarty of, surprise surprise, Antony & the Johnstons as well as The Arcade Fire, The Books and Jose Gonzalez (covering cello song by Nick Drake, sooo good), Beirut and a whole swag of other artist so trendy they’ll give you a side fringe just by listening to them (Bon Iver for example), the compilation features an unending series of great songs you won’t be able to find anywhere else, well except the internet but then you’re cheating people with AIDS and who need that sort of karma.

Another ray of light, has been the just recently unearthed Old Men Of Moss Mountain recordings. Discovered by Perfect Sandwich Records’ Rollo Augustus Anderson in Budapest (check the article for the full story), these old-school as it gets recording have blown me away. Who writes a chorus like ‘we’re entering the wood now, with our hoods down, preparing to battle werewolves and clowns,” it’s hip hop insanity at it’s finest.

Anyway I should probably talk about the mag a bit. This issue is actually pretty fucking rad if I do say so myself. Sydney psychedelic stronghold The Dolly Rocker Movement are on the cover, and with the story being our long time friend and pommy penwizard James Parker’s last story for us it’s worth checking out, if only to read how front man Dandy Lyon helps our Anglo mate overcome his fear of dolls. Fuckin poms, who’s scared of a doll.

That fiery haired and eyed vixen Amelia Schmidt gives us the down low on Gary Numan’s free flying machinations, while the latest addition to our team Corinne O’Keefe talks music, weed and love with serial dub cover artists The Easy Star All Stars leader Michael Goldwasser.

Photographer Kurt Davies, having recently recovered from his chemical peel, gives us a wide look at Sydney’s Laneway, at least wider than he can look considering the scab around his eyes, never understood platic surgery myself, then why mess with perfection, ha ha haaaaaaa… I’m so alone.

Back to the mag. Thomas Mitchell as usual has delivered a swathe of stories this issue with local indie heroes Made In Japan, Victorian fiction obsessed Sherlock’s Daughter and the inimitable Mia Dyson all opening up to the cherub faced writing machine.

Dan Clarke catches up with afrobeat creator Tony Allen, and the ever unexpected Martin Martini as well as going clothes shopping with up and coming psych fiends A Silver Moon Uprising, while Daniel Herborn makes his Music Feeds debut talking to Warren Ellis, albeit having done so a few months ago, and Matt Lausch takes a trip to the Blue Mountains to chat with the areas latest tourist attraction, Sister Jane.

All that and a little more awaits you so turn the page and stop reading my late night, pseudoephedrine and bourbon addled rantings.

Your forever in desperation and intoxication.


Music Feeds, Baby! Tighter Than A Nun’s Schedule

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