Issue #22

In this issue: Grizzly Bear, Datarock, N.A.S.A., Temper Trap, Astronomy Class, Gallows, St. Helens, Zeahorse, Necro, Sui Zhen

Well we’re back again, and amazingly we are in one piece after the shenanigans involved in putting out our 21st issue, and even more amazingly this issue may be one of our best. But before I go on to tell you about what to expect in this fortnight’s issue of Music Feeds there are a few things I would like to say.

First off, Bud Tingwell is dead. I never met the man but I loved him like a father and I can only hope that somewhere in the genetic backlog of humanity there is a back up file and that we shall see Bud V.2.0 roaming around soon.

Secondly I would like to incite a call to arms against The Daily Telegraph for hassling Premier Rees about spending money on Brain Eno’s Luminous Festival rather than a three day visit from Tiger Woods. Now I know that the fanatically conservative, wife beating, snag eating and impossibly feebleminded readers of this paper would rather golf than music (AC/DC already announced a tour, who needs more music!), but never would I have thought to see The Daily Telegraph support a black man entering our country.

But put aside their xenophobia (that’s a form of racism to the telegraph readers) they have, and Tiger they want. The best part of the article is when they bring in ‘celebrity manager’ Max Markson (who manages such shining stars as Ita Buttrose, Carson Kressley, Ian Kiernan, and a whole bunch of other people you couldn’t give a shit about) who weighs into the debate claiming “Half the public don’t know who Brian Eno is and the other half are probably still on acid,” as the article then continues to include “Mr Markson wants the Government to lobby Michael Jackson to perform in Sydney, as he is doing in London.”

With the whole article implying Eno is a has been, it’s laughable to then mention Jacko as an alternative. I know, why don’t we get Stevie Nicks to come out then, she’s got a new album and her original face, none of which I can say about MJ.

The Daily Telegraph just needs to face the facts that most people living in Sydney at least, if not the state and country, aren’t all jaded and bitter right-wing journalists who have been suffering under so many years of a Labour State Government that they have had to resort to child pornography, transvestite sex and gang rape to keep themselves at all interested in a world that is fast leaving them behind. Though you have to feel sorry for them, their lives must be a listless hell of boredom and sexless marriages.

Anyway finally I just want to say fuck Richard “Dick” Kingsmill and fuck triple j. I am so tired of turning on to 105.7 and instead of hearing something interesting or new being constantly bombarded with talentless hacks re-hashing tired musical stereotypes – only it’s either done on synths or the band are bringing back (insert worn out genre here). Why do I never hear Pivot? Where are The Drones or Seekae?

Also on a note of rubbish and uninspired local music I have something to say to Daniel Johns. You are an ego-maniacal piece of shit who wouldn’t know creativity if it came up and gave you a blowjob in a male bathroom. Young Modern must be one of the most stench ridden sonic turds this country has ever dropped out its musical arse and I think it’s about time Silverchair got thrown on the compost heap with the rest of this country’s shit like Men At Work.

But it’s not just the mainstream acts that are in need of a kick up the arse, a bunch of the indie bands are falling fast into the same pattern of churning out lifeless crap with no individuality or spark. Think of all the technically talented but altogether rubbish bands you’ve seen in clubs and pubs over the years. I don’t care to mention any names suffice to say outside of a certain few artists such as Ghoul, i like cats, Kirin J Callinan, Fashion Launches Rocket Launches The Winter People The Bird’s Robe Collective, Sherlock’s Daughter and others I don’t have time to mention, Sydney’s local band scene is increasingly leaning toward becoming a group of glorified cover artists. I don’t care if you play guitar like Hendrix, if all your songs sound like Zeppelin, I WANT INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY!

Anyway I’ll stop ranting here and move on to talking about the issue as I’m sure you’re all well tired of me and my sandy vagina.

The uber-hip purveyors of freaked out folk Grizzly Bear have taken up cover position this week on the back of the release of their sublime new album Veckatimest.

On the eve of arriving in Sydney to play Come Together, Norwegian electro pop powerhouse Datarock also dropped in for a bit of a work out with me this issue, giving me the lowdown on their love of Jane Fonda aerobics videos, Molly Ringwald and their latest album Red.

Sometimes writer and perennial pillow biter James Cotterell gets taken to the Gallows to see how the UK’s great hope for punk to come is shaping up. The Temper Trap check in with Dan Clarke from their London home, the king of controversy Necro shares his views on feminism, Kanye West and what to expect at his soon approaching Australian tour, and Astronomy Class’s Ozi Battla comes out of orbit to chat to Zoltan Blazer about the group’s new LP The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Jesse Hayward catches up with star studded collaboration masters N.A.S.A. and does a number on both Danimals and Joe Doubleclick Chapman from Two Fingers.

On top of this we have interviews with St. Helens, Zeahorse, Polo Club, Sui Zhen, Fink, and much more.

That’s it, so excuse me while I retreat once more to my sensory deprivation tank to wallow again in the bliss of nothingness.

Keep your chin waxed and your chest trim till next time.


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