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Attila Frontman King-Hits Security Guard From Behind At Las Vegas Show

Some disturbing footage has emerged of Attila frontman Chris Fronzak violently punching a security guard in the back of the head at the band’s show in Las Vegas this week.

Attila gigs are notorious for being pretty out of control but this was next level, with the incident reportedly causing the show to come to an abrupt end.

It appears Fronzak was pissed about the way security guards at the Hard Rock Live event were treating the crowd, and launched into a sweary onstage rant, vowing to never play Vegas again because of the venue’s “bullshit security motherfuckers”.

He then went over to the front of the stage and brutally sucker-punched one security guard in the back of the head, calling him a “bitch” multiple times.

Footage of the incident has since hit the internet (below), and in one angle you can see the guard being held back by other staff to stop him from retaliating against the metalcore singer.

Following the show, Fronzak took to Twitter to seemingly boast about the whole thing, while also saying police were “after” him.

“Just had to fight security again god damn… shows over… Videos coming soon… Sorry Las Vegas,” he wrote.

He continued: “These dudes last night were on a power trip….. a 120 pound crowd surfer with a smile on their face isn’t a THREAT. You don’t need to go out of your way to assault that person. It’s a god damn rock show.

“Man I wish y’all could see everything I saw from my point of view. Of course the videos only show me after I fucking snapped. The videos don’t show these abusive motherfuckers that were choking my fans and powerslamming them into the concrete…”


Attila last toured Australia in 2015, and their final show in Perth ended abruptly after Fronzak apparently attacked a fan in the crowd.

Watch some of the footage from the Vegas incident below.

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