18-Year-Old Rapper Confesses Fear After Confronting Kanye

18-year-old rapper Aaron “Simbaa” Howard confessed he was “really, really, really nervous” after confronting Kanye West in a New York street and spitting a verse for him. The young musician, a Queens local, says the unplanned encounter gave him an opportunity to deliver some exclusive lines for Kanye.

Footage of the encounter was originally published on TMZ, showing Howard approaching Kanye and giving him a brief demo of his abilities before Yeezy entered his SoHo apartment.

Now, Howard has discussed the night’s events with Complex, revealing just how nervous he was when he decided to spit for one of his idols, and also the incredible detail that he had actually met Yeezy in the streets two years prior.

“I walked slowly up to him,” Howard says in the interview. “I said ‘Hey Mr. West, I met you two years ago’, trying to get his attention… He was real cool.” “‘You really inspired me, you gave me great advice, and ever since then I’ve been working on my shit’,” Howard says he told Kanye.

West replied, “Well, how is it now?” “Better than you can ever imagine,” Howard told him with confidence, before Yeezy opened up, stopping at the door to his apartment and saying, “Alright, let me hear it.”

Howard then spat an astonishing verse from his unreleased song Black, which he also raps in the interview. “I was nervous, I was really, really, really nervous. I felt like if I passed out these people ain’t going to help me at all, I already know it,” he admitted.

Howard also clarified that despite earlier reports, Kanye didn’t just tell him “I’m gonna get some sleep,” after he had spit for him. “What he said was, ‘I’m gonna get some sleep. I like the rhyme, you’ll be seeing me again’,” Howard said.

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