360 No Longer Needing Centrelink

In a recent interview with Drum Media, 360 has given us insight into the plight of an independent artist, confessing he only just got off welfare cheques. Only now, after his album Falling and Flying soared to #4 on the ARIA charts as well as achieving platinum status, with the track Boys Like You reaching Platinum 3x, has 60 been able to stand totally on his own.

“It was a long road, but I got there in the end. People perhaps don’t realise, but I was living on Centrelink payments until very recently – even after the album came out…So to now enjoy some success and to be able to show my parents that I did achieve what I set out to do is an incredible feeling”.

The Aussie hip hop poster boy, who’s real name is Matt Colwell, also confessed that as relieving as the money was, it in no way indicated success to him:

“I was told my stuff was playing on the radio; another time I was told I’d achieved Platinum sales – but it wasn’t those moments or any like them that finally did it. Things really hit home to me when I saw my mum cry at one of my shows. The fact that she’d been there through all my struggles and was now feeling that way about what I’d achieved was really special.”

60 will be playing at the Come Together Festival in Sydney this weekend, before hitting the road on his Flying tour, which has already seen a whole bunch of dates sell out.

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