360 Tells Fans: “Don’t Fight The Haters”

360 has taken another swipe at ‘haters’ on Facebook – telling his fans to ignore them.

‘Six’ posted the following status last night – a day after declaring he’d played ‘one of my fav shows ever’ at Splendour in the Grass on the weekend.

“Hating someone’s music is one thing.. We all have our own taste. But wanting Someone to die and trying to find them to physically hurt them because of what music they make is a whole other level of weird. You need to reevaluate ur life if u think like that. Side note, much love to my fans I fuckin love you. Dont fight the haters, just ignore them cos they don’t affect me so don’t let them get to you 🙂 PEACE TO YA MUMMA.”

The status has received 7,400 likes and around 350 comments in just over 24 hours.

It’s not the first time the Melbourne rapper has rambled on about ‘haters’ – back in May, he told those who don’t like his music to “FUCK OFF AND DON’T LISTEN.”  He mentioned in a follow-up status that “with every hater theres 100 fans that have my back and support everything I do, and I appreciate that so much.”

Photos: 360 performing at Splendour in the Grass on Saturday – 28/07/2012

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