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50 Cent Reckons Lil Wayne Got Paid To Endorse Trump

50 Cent, a man who said he was supporting Donald Trump and then quickly backtracked, reckons Lil Wayne was paid to publicly endorse the soon-to-be-ex President prior to the federal election.

As reported by NME, 50 Cent spoke about Wayne’s endorsement of Trump on The Breakfast Club, where he said that he himself was offered money to support Trump.

“[They were] offering me a million dollars to come to Trump’s inauguration, right? I passed on it,” 50 Cent – real name Curtis Jackson – said.

“$500,000, and then it went up to $1 million while I was still confused with whether I should do it.”

50 was then asked if he believed Wayne got paid, and he replied: “Oh yeah, I’m sure. Easily. He got paid.”

“He participated with different artists and shit like that for the black vote,” he continued, speaking of Trump.

“And I’m going, ‘Nah, I ain’t gon’ put myself in that position,’ ’cause I didn’t know what I was got to do to recover from it, right? To be honest with you.”

Wayne has yet to respond to the claim.

Wayne’s endorsement of Trump came as an endorsement for the President and his actions on “criminal reform” – beats us – and he ended up getting dumped over it.

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