50 Cent Refuses To Leave The Stage After His Set Is Cut Short

It seems like the universe just won’t give 50 Cent a break these days, with the In Da Club star having his set cut short before throwing a full blown tanty on stage at radio station Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta, angry that organisers wouldn’t give him Just A Lil Bit of extra time. He was quite shocked.

Expecting the next act to remain Patiently Waiting while he finished his set, the 40 year old Wanksta went off big time, dropping the mic and asking incredulously  “you mean to tell me I can’t have one minute?” Before digging his heels in and refusing to leave the stage.

“I’m not leaving, I don’t give a fuck who’s coming up next,” he said.

This was only the beginning though, as fiddy’s tirade soon getting Outta Control as he started abusing 107.9 and the event organisers and requesting his music be taken off the station.

“Is she the program director? Take my music off your station. I don’t want your motherfuckin’ station no more. We got YouTube.” he said.

If you think he was leaving it there though, you clearly don’t know fiddy, as the rapper wanted to make it clear I Get Money.

“It’s too late to hate. You should have hated me in 2003. Now I’m rich as a motherfucker.”

This is despite the fact he is currenttly filing bankruptcy after releasing a sex tape, a case almost as sad and entertaining as this on stage dummy spit due to his conflicting and possibly faked Instagram account. Maybe hold off on the shots of you atop piles of cash while filing Chapter 11, fiddy, even if they are fake.

BuT that’s enough bad puns for now, check out footage from show below via World Star Hip Hop.

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