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A Fan Has Been Criticised Online For Asking Charli XCX To Sign Their Douche At A Meet & Greet

Content warning: this article discusses potential sexual harassment.

Meet and greets have become par for the course for plenty of tours as of late, but fans of Charli XCX believe that she’ll stop doing them after one particular fan asked her to sign their douche. Yep, you read it right.

Taking to Twitter, one user posted a photo of themselves with Charli at a meet and greet as well as a photo of a douche signed by the pop star. They captioned it with “OMFG.”

This comes after XCX has been subjected to some strange fan requests, with one posing alongside her while holding their nan’s ashes and another one filming her holding up a bottle of amyl nitrite – or poppers – while saying “gay rights!”

The douche fan has been widely condemned online, with people saying that this crosses huge boundaries and could even be considered sexual harassment, especially as the offending user later stated that she allegedly did not know what it was.

The fan also stated that prior to asking Charli to sign the douche, they asked her if she would place their bottle of poppers under their nose, to which she declined.

Charli has yet to comment on the incident, but she’ll be in Australia next year for a headlining slot at Laneway Festival. Please don’t ask her sign your douche.

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