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A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Has Been Shot Multiple Times While Leaving His Apartment

The lawyer who represented A$AP Rocky in Sweden, Henrik Olsson Lilja, has reportedly been shot multiple times while leaving his apartment complex in Stockholm yesterday.

According to BBC, police were called by Lilja himself, using a neighbour’s phone, after he was shot by a mystery gunman who then fled the scene in a black 4WD.

A witness has said that Lilja was shot while wrestling with a man on the ground outside the block of flats. Lilja is reportedly in a serious but stable condition.

Stockholm Police have also said that they believe the shooting to “an isolated incident with no known connection to recent violent crimes.” Basically, they don’t think it has anything to do with Rocky.

ICYMI, Rocky spent just under a month detained in Swedish jail after being charged with assault. Many celebrities and even US President Donald Trump lobbied for Rocky’s release, which eventually happened, but the court still found him guilty.

He will, however, spend no more time in prison for the assault, instead serving a suspended sentence.

He has also jumped right back into the swing of things, having already performed a string of shows and festival sets as well as dropping new song ‘Babushka Boi’.

Rocky has yet to publicly comment on the shooting of Lilja.

Watch the video for ‘Babushka Boi’ below.

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