The ABC Responds To Triple M’s ‘Ozzest 100’ With Its Own Parody Video

The ABC has used comedy to respond to Triple M‘s decision to mock its youth broadcaster triple j and hold its own Hottest 100-style countdown on Australia Day.

With Triple M‘s first-ever ‘Ozzest 100′ set to count down listeners’ favourite Aussie tunes on 26th January (after triple j moved the date of its Hottest 100 away from Australia Day), ABC Comedy program Tonightly has created its own parody video to help spruik the ‘Ozzest 100’.

The clip, titled ‘Triple M Seizes Australia Day’, sees a man called Damo (who’s wearing an AC/DC T-shirt, of course) explain that Australia Day is about “getting blind on goon and throwing up in your neighbour’s pool”, and that Triple M wants to help soundtrack the day.

“Without music, cultural insensitivity just isn’t as fun,” he says, before admitting that Triple M will play the “exact same songs” its usually plays, but “with a number in front of them” for the ‘Ozzest 100’.

“Australian rock is our culture, yeah? It’s been here for 40 years,” Damo says. “And it was here before we were.”

Watch the video in full, below.

The parody clip comes after local comedy group Number One Friembs also made their own parody trailer for Triple M‘s big countdown, and after artists such as A.B. Original criticised Triple M‘s decision to hold the ‘Ozzest 100’ on Australia Day.

Triple M released a statement yesterday in response to the controversy, defending its decision.

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