AC/DC Are Finally Putting Their Music On Streaming Services

It’s actually happening — beloved Aussie rockers AC/DC have finally agreed to have their music available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music.

Music Feeds can confirm that Acca Dacca’s discography is now available to stream on Spotify. As Time reports, the catalogue will soon be available on other services such as Rdio and Apple Music, which is set to launch early Wednesday morning Australian time.

Acca Dacca have agreed to put their extensive discography onto streaming services three years after they first agreed to having their music sold digitally through iTunes. Before they put their music on iTunes, AC/DC were concerned that breaking up an album into individually downloadable tracks might negatively affect the listening experience.

Once they were on iTunes though, AC/DC sold almost 700,000 singles in their first week on the platform, and their latest album, Rock Or Bust, has now sold over 500,000 copies in the US.

Acca Dacca will tour Australia on their Rock Or Bust tour this November and December, with their music available on more digital platforms than ever before.

Happy streaming y’all!

Watch: AC/DC – Rock the Blues Away

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