Adele Asks “What The Fuck” Beyoncé Has To Do To Win Album Of The Year In Post-Grammys Conference

Adele has explained why she felt the need to say Beyoncé should’ve won Album Of The Year at the Grammys while she was collecting the award for her record 25.

During the speech the Brit said that she couldn’t accept the award because she believed Lemonade deserved it and in a post-show conference she elaborated on why she feels that way.

“The reason I felt like I needed to say something was that my album of the year was Lemonade,” she said before describing the moment that she feel in love with Bey, when her school friends introduced her to Destiny’s Child’s ‘No No No’ when she was 11.

“I fell in love immediately with her,” she said and then explained that all her idols have passed apart from Bey.

Adele is a huge Beyoncé fan and she proved it by saying, “I don’t take any fucking shit when it comes to anyone not liking Beyoncé, you can’t be in my life.”

“My view is what the fuck does she have to do to win Album Of The Year,” she continued.

She concluded by calling the Grammys “very traditional” but that she, “thought this year would be the year that they would go with the tide,” and just pick Beyoncé.

At this stage it seems Adele is more upset about Bey not winning than the Queen herself.

Watch the press conference below.

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