Adele Is “Scared” Now That Everyone Knows Her Wheely Good Box Trick

Adele‘s show in Adelaide last night may be the final time she employs her trick of being wheeled to the stage in a black box shortly before her headline shows have been due to start.

Reports emerged yesterday that the British pop star was travelling incognito in a black box to get to the centre of her stadium shows in Australia up to this point. Last night in Adelaide Adele addressed the rumours, revealing that she became scared because because the entire audience knew to expect her  to be rolled out in the box.

Newscorp reports that at the Adelaide show, Adele revealed that she may ditch the rouse altogether for her remaining shows.

“I’ve done so many shows in that box, and it has been a nightmare,” she said to the Adelaide audience. “This time when I came out, you all knew I was in it. I was scared, I was. I’m not lying; I was frightened.”

Last night’s show was also significant for the fact that the Adelaide Oval experienced one of South Australia’s increasingly regular power outages of recent times.

Her remaining shows will take place in Melbourne this weekend, and may contain no sneaky surprises. “So now, I’ll just walk out and ruin the surprise and be like ‘Oh hello, hello!” she said.

Full details for Adele’s remaining shows available here.

Watch: Adele In Box

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