AFI Are Plotting To Tour Australia In 2017

UPDATE: AFI have AFI-nally announced their 2017 Australian tour dates.

UPDATE: Looks Like AFI Are About To Announce A New Australian Tour

ORIGINAL STORY: Grown-up emos of Down Under rejoice! The band you used to plaster all over your high school binders, AFI, are planning to tour Australia next year.

The ever-evolving goth-punk legends are gearing up to release their 10th studio album (which is technically self-titled, but is affectionately dubbed The Blood Album) and have already announced a slew of US album tour dates to kick off 2017. So, naturally, Music Feeds caught up with frontman Davey Havok to find out if an Aussie run could potentially follow.

“I would [hold out hope for it],” the prolific vocalist tells us between a work-out sesh and kicking off filming on the official music video for AFI’s new single Aurelia.

“I know we’re working on it. There’s been talks going back and forth with promoters in Australia, so we’re really hoping we make it down there. It’s definitely our great desire to, because since the first time we’ve come to Australia the shows have always been fantastic and they continue to be,” he says.

“So I really hope we make it and I think we’re going to. It sounds quite probable.”

When we asked if said Aussie tour is likely to happen in 2017, Havok laughs: “Oh yeah! It would be next year. If we hit 2018 and we haven’t been there, stop holding your breath.

“I’m really excited to be coming to Australia if we do,” he continues. “I really hope we’re coming to Australia! I love it. I love coming Down Under. You have such great musical history, it’s always fun to be there to even just consider that, you know? Being in the same cities as where Nick Cave and Dead Can Dance are coming from… I hope to be coming back.”

AFI were last down under for Soundwave Festival back in 2014, as well as some festival sideshows.

The band’s new album AFI will be released on Friday, January 20th, 2017. Catch its latest cut Aurelia (which we now know has a music video coming very soon!) below.

AFI (The Blood Album) is out January 20 via Caroline Australia. Pre-order here.

Listen: AFI — ‘Aurelia’

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