Corey Taylor Plays With Slipknot at Soundwave 2015, Melbourne. Photo By Brett Schewitz

Did AJ Maddah Just Tease A 2016 Slipknot Tour?

Sit the fuck down because we may have some big news.

It seems a whoooooooooole lot like AJ Maddah, boss of the former best music festival in Australia Soundwave (RIP), just teased a motherfucking SLIPKNOT tour for this year.

As per Maddah’s usual M.O., the whole thing went down on Twitter:

Replying to a series of tweets from fans, the festival mogul also gave us a few more tidbits of info.

For starters, according to AJ, we can rule out Australia getting its very own Knotfest (at least for now):

And Corey Taylor & co sure as shit won’t be playing Splendour In The Grass (which on second thought is kind of a shame, that place could use a bit of metal).

Maddah’s not sure whether The Nine’s current US tour-mate Marilyn Manson will be tagging along, but he hasn’t ruled it out:

And it seems like Slipknot have a show locked in at New Zealand’s Vector Arena:

Finally, for all of the AJ haters out there, the Soundwave captain says he won’t be involved in the tour:

Which means he’s probably just privy to some super secret insider info.

So let’s recap: According to not-so-cryptic AJ Maddah tweets, it looks like Slipknot will be embarking on a headlining tour of Australia before the year is out. They won’t be playing SITG or brand new heavy player in town Legion Festival (that’s happening in 2017, not 2016) or bringing their own Knotfest extravaganza to town *sob*. Marilyn Manson may or may not be supporting, a NZ show will supposedly happen at Aukland’s biggest arena, and AJ Maddah knows about it but isn’t involved.

It almost seems like Slipknot were just here, after putting in a monster headlining performance at the final ever Soundwave in 2015, and they haven’t released a new album or anything major since then, but look, why would you complain.

It’s fucking Slipknot.

The maggots are ready.

UPDATE 13/05/16: It’s official, Slipknot have announced 2016 Australian headline tour dates!

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