Alex The Astronaut & Jack River Clap Back At Mark Latham Over Climate Event Tweet

Alex The Astronaut and Jack River have clapped back at One Nation’s Mark Latham after he sassed them via Twitter. The politician was bothered by the two musicians’ involvement on the New Energy climate panel.

The event, which goes ahead tomorrow 3rd December, was curated by Jack River and will see Alex The Astronaut perform. The whole idea is to get an array of politicians together to chat climate policy.

It’ll also see the pollies take questions from guests like triple j Hack’s Avani Dias and triple j’s Lewis Hobba, as well as David Pocock, Turia Pitt, and Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles.

So, Mark Latham, who proposed 249 amendments to NSW’s renewable energy bill in an attempt to block it, tweeted, “You can’t make this stuff up: On Thursday night at the Seymour Centre, Matt Kean and Shadow Minister for Surrender, Adam Searle, will present their new joint 100% renewables policy, set to the music of ‘Alex The Astronaut’, as organised by another airhead singer, Holly Rankin [Jack River].”

To which Alex The Astronaut replied, “Hi Mark, strange tweet maybe have a nap.”

“I’ve got a physics/ maths degree and Holly’s studying law, I see you studied economics. Maybe you should go back and have a look at climate science. Scary stuff. Hope you aren’t too worked up about this. That’d be a sad way to live.”

“We’d love to have you along Mark, but we don’t have the venue for 30+ hrs,” replied Jack River.

“Also, quick amendment, [Alex] has a physics degree if you’d like to come and learn something,” she added.

You can learn more about the New Energy event here.

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