Alison Wonderland & More Trash Ultra Music Festival DJ Set By KFC’s Colonel Sanders

The dance music world is up in arms about one particular DJ set at this year’s instalment of Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Fried chicken juggernaut KFC bought a DJ slot for “Colonel Sanders” to perform on the EDM extravaganza’s main stage on Friday night, we sh*t you not.

A DJ wearing a helmet with the Colonel’s face performed an incredibly awkward set on the festival’s opening night…

…and it triggered a storm of cringe reacts across the online music community.

“This @kfc colonel sanders Djing at @ultra is lame,” wrote Marshmello in a since-deleted tweet. “I can think of a lot of other artists that actually deserve to be on that stage instead.”

Australia’s own Alison Wonderland has also weighed in, calling the move “tacky”:

Read some other ~zingers~ from the DJ world below.

Meanwhile, people have also been referring to Ultra 2019 as #FyreFestival2 after organisers provided just 200 buses to take more than 50,000 fans home from the island of Virginia Key to Miami, leading to 30K people doing a 5km walk back to mainland.

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