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Angie McMahon, Mo’Ju, L-FRESH THE LION & More Receive Levi’s Music Relief Fund

Angie McMahon, Mo’Ju, L-FRESH THE LION and more artists have been named as the lucky recipients of Levi’s Music Relief Fund, set to help out artists in the midst of the pandemic as it has put touring on hold.

A total of five artists from around the country have been awarded the $4,500 fund, including the three artists mentioned above as well as Jesswar and Eliza & The Delusionals.

“I’m so grateful to have a prize that is just going to help me make and release music at this time,” McMahon said in a press statement.

“Obviously, we can’t be touring and we won’t be doing that again until it’s safe for people to be in shows. I’m in Melbourne, so I’m enjoying writing songs and being involved in art and music. I think that those things are going to be really important to help us get through such a strange time like this and stay connected.”

Mo’Ju echoed those sentiments in a separate statement, saying “I’m in Victoria, so we have a pretty strict lock-down, but we’re trying to stay positive, stay creative and I’m working on new music.

“We have taken a massive hit to the income without live music, so every little bit counts…”

The fund was created in partnership with BIGSOUND – which all of these artists have played – and includes the $4,500 to help boost their career, as well as a myriad of online workshops to help develop their artistry and marketing skills.

Watch the announcement video below.

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