Anti-Lockouts Protesters End March By Dumping Giant Turd On The Steps Of “Star Shitty” Casino

Lots of people reckon the Star Casino’s exemption from Sydney’s lockout laws stinks.

And in a poignant act of symbolism, punters have dumped a huge makeshift turd on the steps of Star City Star Shitty to mark a poetic end to their latest protest march.


That’s right, a giant shit-log dubbed “The Mike Baird Memorial Turd” was the centrepiece of yesterday’s epic Reclaim The Streets protest-ival, which saw thousands of protesters hit the streets for a mobile dance party opposing the NSW State Government’s lockout laws and Premier Mike Baird‘s ongoing support of them.

Following on from the group’s previous events last year in September and December as well as the recent rally held by Keep Sydney Open, the demonstration marched from the heart of the city to the Barangaroo precinct and the Star Casino, which many high-profile pundits including arse-whooping essay-writer Matt Barrie and genius satirist Friendlyjordies have pointed out remain suspiciously exempt from the lockouts, despite the Star being smack-bang in the middle of the demarcated lockout zone and being one of the most violent venues in the whole freaking state.

It’s likely what prompted protesters to place their handmade godzilla poo-nugg upon the steps of the Star in a ceremonial climax to proceedings that was both moving and symbolic enough to make one’s eyes water.

Just like crowning a Christmas tree with a beautiful Yuletide angel.

Except instead of an angel it was a massive lump of butt-gravy.

In a previous statement, Reclaim The Streets organisers said:

“These casinos have brought their way into a free pass, while at the same time funnelling all of the late night trade into their highly lucrative gambling halls.”

“We are marching to the casino to highlight the gross hypocrisy of the government and the craven interests of The Star and Crown Casino.”

But despite the heavy subject matter (and faecal matter), by all reports this weekend’s rally wrapped up with a good time being had by all.

Getting to literally hang shit on the Star Casino was just an added bonus.

Read our reporter Mikey Carr’s review, Reclaim The Streets: The Journey To Star Shitty, here.

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