Are These Australia’s 25 Best Guitarists?

The coveted ‘Greatest Guitarist of all Time’ throne has been awarded to many a musician over the years, it’s really all a matter of who you ask. Most recently, News Corp decided to poll Australia’s best guitarists, a feat previously attempted by Australian Guitar Magazine back in 2012.

While AGM‘s top spot went to the mighty Angus Young of hard rock legends AC/DC, News Corp‘s list is helmed by Ian Moss of pub rock icons Cold Chisel, with Angus’ brother Malcolm taking out the number two spot, followed by Chris Cheney, Tommy Emmanuel, and Gareth Liddiard.

The list spanned all genres and all styles, with love given to post-punk giants like the late Rowland S Howard, garage terrorists like Kim Salmon of The Scientists, prodigious surf-punk sharks like Radio Birdman‘s Deniz Tek, and South Australia’s favourite light-speed shredding queen, Orianthi.

As News Corp write, the attributes they sought to compile their list included “personality over technical proficiency, memorable riffs over shredding solos and performance over posing.” Readers can check out the list of Australia’s Top 25 Guitarists according to News Corp in the gallery below.

Gallery: Australia’s Top 25 Guitarists (According To News Corp)

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