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The Presets, The Rubens, KLP and Other Artists Ask People to “Vote Music” at NSW Election

Artists including Jimmy Barnes, The Rubens, Annie Hamilton, Bliss n Eso, The Presets and KLP have thrown their support behind the non-partisan Vote Music campaign, calling on voters to think about the future of live and recorded music at next week’s New South Wales state election.

Participants and supporters of the Vote Music campaign – which is calling for a $100 million commitment to music in NSW from all parties – include industry bodies like APRA AMCOS, ARIA, MusicNSW, PPCA, the Australian Festival Association, Australian Live Music Business Council and Live Performance Australia. The campaign also has support from Sydney venues like Crowbar and Phoenix Central Park, agencies like Select Music and record label Sweat It Out and community radio station FBi.

The Presets Are One of Many Artists Throwing Their Support Behind the Campaign

Recently, Vote Music launched a three-pillar strategy for establishing NSW as Australia’s “natural home of contemporary music.” The three key pillars of the plan are the establishment of a Contemporary Music Office in NSW Government, significant government investment in artists and industry initiatives, and protecting and building venues, festivals and other music spaces in NSW.

According to Vote Music’s policy paper, the establishment of a Contemporary Music Office in the NSW Government would spearhead the development and delivery of a 10-year Contemporary Music Strategy. “Coordinated government commitment and leadership are essential to position the industry as a global leader that benefits the health, wealth and wellbeing of NSW communities,” it reads.

As for the second pillar – government investment in artist and industry initiatives – Vote Music has specified that strategic investment should include a focus on “First Nations music, workforce and business capacity, audience development, regional NSW and Western Sydney.”

When it comes to the building and protection of venues and festivals in NSW, Vote Music points to the ongoing challenges of operating a live music business in NSW, with the state losing close to 200 live music venues over the past decade.

As part of the comprehensive plan, Vote Music is requesting a $100 million commitment from all parties and candidates ahead of the state election, which will take place on Saturday, 25th March. The plan has the backing of NSW Labor, who have made a $103 million commitment, while Greens NSW have pledged to invest $700 million into music. Numerous independent MPs and candidates have also backed Vote Music’s plan. The NSW Liberal-National Coalition – which is currently in government – has not yet pledged any backing for the plan.

“The contemporary music industry injects $3.6 billion in economic, social and cultural value into the state, and this election represents a unique opportunity to significantly supercharge NSW’s music industry, one that likely won’t happen again on a similar scale. If successful, it will be the largest investment in contemporary music – ever,” reads a press statement from the Vote Music campaign.

“Despite the underlying strength of music in NSW, a decade of challenges has meant the industry is not flourishing as it should. There are fewer places for live music, and creative professionals and music businesses are moving interstate. A generation of young talent is missing out on opportunities and regional music communities aren’t getting enough support to thrive.”

You can find the full details of Vote Music’s plan – along with a report card of commitments from parties and candidates in the NSW election – here, and read the campaign’s policy paper here.

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