Ask Siri To Play ‘Loud Farts’ And It Plays Rihanna

Shout outs once again go to that one mad dog Apple employee who is sneaking bits of code into Siri’s mainframe (that’s how that works right? Yeah, I’ve seen Mission Impossible, that’s it) and causing her to get all kinds of sassy with certain commands, with a newly discovered bit of iShade comparing Rihanna to loud farts.

Yeah, so not just your average I-just-got-off-the-bus-and-am-squeezing-one-out kind of fluffer, but a baritone, rip-rorter of a fart that definitely could not be blamed on the dog.

I guess since someone recently discovered that when you ask Siri what “0 divided by 0” is, she practically calls you a Nigel No Friends, people have been gurgling out a whole world of nonsense towards their iPhones, attempting to unearth more of Siri’s darkside, which is the only real explanation of how someone realised asking Siri to play “loud farts” makes your device start playing Rihanna’s What’s My Name featuring Drake.


Now personally I don’t really see the comparison between Rih-Rih’s hit song and roaring flatulence so unless Siri is blazing it something fierce and is straight up out of her mind, it could be a simple computer coding error thingy.

We gave it a go on an Aussie iPhone and got this hot mess, so I guess Jobs only knows.


Also, Rihanna with her iPhone right now:


Watch: Rihanna – What’s My Name Ft. Drake

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